Plastic or Planet?

This question may seem dramatic; Plastic or Planet ?, but the reality is that it has to be done this way. Unfortunately there are no others.
In a day-to-day situation we choose to use plastic, we are damaging our planet, for periods of tens or even hundreds of years.

We can change, we have to change and change begins in you!



The bet on biodegradable products has to be clear. This project started with the pasta straws but will extend to other products and other environmentally friendly solutions.

This is our commitment.



All important and successful change must be sustained by business and by individuals. We can not change mentalities with expensive products that create difficulties for their sustainability.



Our mission is to have products of excellent quality, at the lowest price possible. We have created several packages with diferente quantities, so that the unit price is systematically lowering, becoming more economical. That is our business philosophy.