A Palhinha de Massa - Movimento sem Palhinhas.jpg

Movimento Sem Palhinhas

Its mission is to make citizens, entities, restaurants (and similar establishments) and local companies aware of the impact that the straw have on the environment, inspiring them to reduce their use and replace them with better alternatives to the Planet.

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Movimento Pelo Desenvolvimento do Interior

The MDI is a project of a Youth Association created with the objective of developing the interior region of Portugal and making young people more representative at local and national level.

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Comprova Consultoria Alimentar

Comprova is a young, dynamic and innovative company that provides consulting services in the area of implementation and maintenance of Food Safety Management Systems, Product Valuation and Training, promoting the welfare of consumers.

A Palhinha de massa - Aporfest

Associação Portuguesa de Festivais de Música

APORFEST's mission is to defend the interests and rights of all Associates, both nationally and internationally, as well as contribute to the development and professionalization of the area of music festivals in Portugal in all its stakeholders