Workshop | Leading Change in a Changing World
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Workshop | Leading Change in a Changing World

É já na próxima 5ª feira das 15h00 às 17h00 na Casa do Impacto.
Nós vamos lá estar a aprender e a partilhar com o The Purpose:Fully.

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Workshop [EN] @ Casa do Impacto by The Purpose:Fully

The world is changing. As the demand for us to build social and environmental businesses and lead teams into the sustainable development era grows, so too must our capacity to harness the potential of our human capital, think differently about achieving goals and build a culture of high performance.

Join us for an afternoon exploring the pathway to leading a team into a changing world. The keys to:

- Building an inspired team pulling in the same direction
- Harnessing their passion and desire to make a difference
- Unleashing innovation that transforms challenges
- Promoting adaptive thinking in response to constantly changing environments
- Building grit and resilience in the face of adversity